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Thursday, March 1, 2018, 17:35

The saddest thing for faithful families is to see their children grow up and seem to grow out of their faith. That is a reality for many parents and grandparents as we now see the level of "nones" grow in the United States. The reality of faith is that it can not be lived for another person. We can not be another's faith. American culture, Western culture for that matter, has left behind much of the faith heritage that we had once been central to life. Since the turn of the twentieth century faith has fallen to the wayside. This occurred in what was dubbed early on as the Christian Century. Despite the twentieth century being a century full of great material, the greatest Bible availability, and more Christian materials available when compared to anytime prior the twentieth century saw the greatest percentage of decline of Christians in the United States and the Western world. It is a tragedy which many have been seeking to resolve. The difficulty is not in the form of worship, but the place which Christian thought has entered into a place of obscurity. If one believes the Bible and reads it plainly, they are seen as being extreme instead of simply followers of Christ (which had been the norm for most even into the twentieth century). Christian thought is often criticized as anti-Science. The problem of that is that Christian thought has always been scientific in its pursuit of knowledge. Faith is not anti-facts, but a means in which to understand those things which can not be observed, i.e. creation. How is it that we can help bring a return to faith? The first place to begin is for those of us that are followers of Christ. As followers to be positive witnesses of faith and to share with others the glorious gifts of faith to all people, including our families. In our witness, we can strengthen the faith of those we love, not by witnessing a faith centered on rules but grace and hope. A hope not in something within ourselves, but in Christ and in him alone. In living out this faith, families can be transformed as fathers love mothers as God desires so daughters can expect how their husband should love them and sons can learn how they should love their wives. It is a picture painted in Genesis 2, but because tarnished in the Fall. We are made in the image of God and much of the struggles that we face in life are because of our forgetting in whose image we are created.

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