17 September 2020

Moving is always hard. Moving is exciting. These two opposing ideas are both true though they stand in tension. As I am moving away from what has been my home for the past five years and for the majority of my children the only home that they have truly known I am excited for all the lies ahead.

Sadly, the fear of change can be a paralyzing reality for some people and may cause them to do unhealthy things that will cause worse to happen and lost opportunities. Unfortunately, congregations can be stagnant and unwilling to move also. Moving means that some things will be left behind, but there will be other things gained. Moving means that some relationships will also be left behind, but new relationships will be developed and gained. The reality is that those that are most important will still remain a part of your life, though things will be different because of distance, those true relationships will continue to grow. Leaving Indiana....hello Wisconsin!